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Divyanshu Damani is a Vlogger, TEDx Speaker, Josh Talks Speaker, Talk Show Host, an entrepreneur and an adventure lover. Over the last 2 years, with his videos and speaking engagements, he has inspired the Youth to be more and do more. He’s been invited to some of the top institutions across the country ranging from IITs to Shri Ram College to St. Xavier’s, Calcutta to interact with some of the brightest minds in the country. All in all he’s had offline speaking engagements to a cumulative audience of over 10,000 people and has had fun and inspiring sessions with them.

Divyanshu has a follower base of over 200K followers and has his very own Talk show, The Divyanshu Damani Show with eminent personalities like Shirley Setia, Ananya Birla, Kirti Bhoutika and more. With all the experience of speaking in front of such large audiences, he brings in all the expertise and packages it in this 2-day unconventional workshop - Dare to Deliver.


What Divyanshu says to you!

Indra Nooyi, ex-president of Pepsico said, “You can never overinvest in your communication skills.”

One of the biggest game changers, I believe for people to succeed in both their personal and professional life is how well they can communicate. The ability to clearly and succinctly get your point across to audiences ranging from 1 to a million will clearly define how well do you make it big in this life.

In Dare to Deliver with Divyanshu Damani, you’ll not just be building on to these communication skills but also will find ways to apply them in the various spheres of your life.But this has one caveat. If and only if you’re interested to make it big and put in effort to improve yourself, then should you be applying for this 2-day exhaustive workshop that’s going to change your perspective towards how you approach things.

This is a very un-conventionally designed workshop, which is something that you wouldn’t expect in any other communication workshops that you attend.

For whom you ask?

This is designed for people of all ages and there is no restriction to who all can apply.

What do you need to get to the workshop?

A common sense + A willingness to improve, that’s all. We don’t ask for more.

What to expect?

The program is designed in a way to keep up with the modern requirements of communication along with the traditional ones. Hence, when you ask me what you can expect I can definitely assure you that you can expect loads of fun in the process of becoming a champion at communication and making sure that you kill it in the communication game.

Day 1

  • - Learn how to talk to people you don’t know at all and get over the fear of unknown;
  • - Become a champ in public speaking;
  • - Getting rid of stage fear;
  • - Understand how to structure a piece of content for maximum effectiveness;
  • - Know how to present yourself to an audience in the best way possible;
  • - Make a lot of friends and definitely having insane amounts of fun in the process;

Day 2

  • - Get a feeler of presenting of ideas in group discussions, interviews and brainstorming sessions;
  • - Become equipped with skills to become a master in digital communication;
  • - Be a part of interesting exercises and assignments that’ll not only sharpen communication but also your thinking;
  • - Get a signed certificate confirming your participation in the workshop post completion.

I’ll see you guys very soon! Let’s learn. :D


Dare to Deliver Workshop with Divyanshu Damani - 2nd Edition

Date & Time

13th - 14th Oct 2018
10 am - 6 pm

How Much?

Price - Rs. 2999/-
Special Price for 3 individuals - Rs. 7499/-
Early Bird - 2nd - 8th October Rs. 2699/-